Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kerbals (almost) on Duna

Kerbal Space Prorgam can be breathtakingly beautiful at times.
Pictured: one of my first orbiters.
I finally put in a serious effort in to get to Duna (Mars) in KSP. It was an epic journey that taught me a lot about orbital mechanics.

Some new parts that KSP added finally allowed me to make a decent orbital fuel delivery vehicle (kind of a requirement for inter-planetary missions). No more franken-rocket creations that ultimately fall short or wind up using the fuel they were meant to lift (if they don't blow up before either event). I now had a system that could get full tanks into orbit reliably. I still need to work on my space station's design, but that's another project for another day. Much like NASA, I'm more interested in going to Duna than practical stuff like making it easier to do so with a much more functional space station. Who needs practicality in space anyway?